About Us

Learn about our caring team, the NuStart difference, and our core values.

Our Team

The NuStart clinical team is composed of well established and highly esteemed professionals. Our handpicked team of professionals were chosen based on a number of highly specific criteria that proved them to match our purpose-driven dedication to ensure the overall well-being and recovery of each individual client.  Each member of our staff brings with them their own recovery practices, wisdom, years of experience, and extensive credentials.

The NuStart Difference

At NuStart, Inc. we pride ourselves on what makes us different. We aren’t your run-of-the-mill rehabilitation facility; we are so much more!

We are the first and only substance abuse rehab facility in Glendale, California that is family owned and operated. At NuStart, we incorporate indoor and outdoor activities in both group and individual settings. We are situated one mile from the very popular Brand Park and Griffith Park, where there are many hiking trails to be explored. We are also minutes away from the Los Angeles Equestrian Center and the Los Angeles County Zoo. We provide our clients with the opportunity to spend time in the therapeutic social settings mentioned above in conjunction to the individual and group therapy provided in our facility, which is key to their recovery.

Worried about how to get to all of these places? Don’t be! Glendale is centrally located and our facility is very close to major freeways and has a convenient bus stop across the street from our facility, and we can always provide transportation as needed.

These are just a few things that make up the NuStart Difference. Some more include:

  • Comfortably hip and cool boutique facility

  • Equine therapy

  • Nutritious culinary services

  • Nutrition and wellness groups

  • Yoga

  • Hiking

  • Mindfulness-centered meditation groups

NuStart Values

The NuStart mission is to be instrumental in providing a new start for our clients. A new start and hope for a better and brighter future through the development and implementation of individual and evidence based holistic treatment programs and services in the areas of substance abuse and mental health. Our mission is to help facilitate the change process and guide our clients through the treatment process with the goal of increasing their ability to function at a higher level as well as promoting a greater overall satisfaction with their lives.

NuStart strives to provide unrivaled treatment for the clients in the Glendale CA area and beyond.

NuStart will serve our clients and their families, physicians, staff and our community with respect, dignity, compassion and commitment. The NuStart family prides themselves in our custom tailored and always confidential treatment programs.

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